The mission of the Brazilian Women’s Group is to promote political and cultural awareness, and contribute to the development of the Brazilian community, open to all interested women.


• To participate in actions that value and promote respect for cultural
• To support the work of entities that represent and work with the
Brazilian community;
• To participate and support the fight for immigrants’ organization,
political awareness and human rights;
• To promote community organizing and the development of community
• To fight against any and all forms of discrimination, prejudice,
humiliation and disrespect towards the Brazilian community, its
culture and language;
• To promote the engagement of the Brazilian community with the
American society, and with other community groups.


• To discuss the role of the Brazilian immigrant women in society;
• To provide support to the Brazilian families living in Greater Boston;
• To be an information vehicle to the community;
• To help the community in their search for solutions to their problems;
• To promote cultural activities for the community.