Young Brazilian Women's Group

The Young Brazilian Women's Group was created to foster a sense of community work and volunteerism in young women and to empower them to become actively involved at a younger age. It also serves as a support group where these young women share with each other their experiences as new immigrants and/or first generation.


Young Brazilian Women’s Group Discussion Groups
October 17, 2009 through May 8, 2010, 3pm-5pm. Small stipend with 100% attendance.

10/17/09: Welcome, project description, group and individual rules and expectations. Topic: Active Good Citizen (Why and How to Become Involved)
10/24/09: Self-esteem and Fitting in (Mental Health)
11/7/09:  Knowing your body – Part I (STD’s, Birth Control, Abstinence)
11/21/09:  Knowing your body – Part II (Endometrioses and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – raising awareness and facts)
12/12/09:  Knowing your body – Part III (Substance Abuse – drugs and alcohol)
1/23/10: Body Image – Part I (Eating Disorders – Skinny vs. Being Healthy)
2/13/10: Relationships (Healthy Relationships – Wrong vs. Right)
3/06/10: Body Image – Part II (Plastic Surgery and Weigh Loss Medicine)
4/10/10: Cardiovascular disease, CPR, Stroke
5/08/10:  Evaluation by Participants and Conclusion (Delivery of Certificates, Letter of Community Service and Stipend)

Young Brazilian Women’s Group's First Grant
Congratulations to the Young Brazilian Women’s Group for winning their first grant! It comes from the Somerville Health Foundation and will allow for a series of workshops about the physical and mental education of Brazilian teenagers. The youth’s participation will be considered community work and will include the chance to volunteer at community agencies. Stay tuned for dates and time!